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If you landed on this page someone cares about your health and well-being greatly, and referred you.

In this class you will discover how to support and heal your body naturally through the powerful healing properties of essential oils.

Come join us for an online, interactive introduction to essential oils class. Discover the once hidden secrets of the "old world's" plant based medicine made applicable for our stressful and busy modern times!

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When you attend we will reveal :

-What essential oils are

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-How YOU can use them safely, and effectively

Through this class you will explore how you can protect yourself, your family and those you care about most through economical, informed self-care, easily.

At Essential Oils 4 Beginners, we know that essential oils are effective in improving our health because we’ve seen it first hand. You will hear some of our personal stories when you attend. Once you sign up, you will be provided class materials to assist in your smell-o-vision essential oil journey during the online class.

If you want us to pay for your spot in the class, you need to jump on this opportunity RIGHT NOW! We need to know you are serious about improving your personal health and wellness and creating a healthy lifestyle, by signing up TODAY!

After the class we believe you will feel empowered, armed with simple solutions to address your health needs right away. Secure your highly sought after virtual seat, so you can become aware of how to be your own self-healer and put your health back in your hands!

What Our Past Participants Say...

Diana Adamson

"I am just learning about how multi-purpose essential oils can be. I have always loved lavender because of the smell. I attended this class as a very novice oil user, in it I felt comfortable asking questions, and felt more knowledgeable when I left than when I entered. I was not pressured to buy anything, and best best of all, wanted to learn more. Every time I have had questions about what would help me, my mentor has listened and pointed me in a direction that was best for me. I will go to more classes, and I enjoy having personal support when I need it. "

Taylor Pineiro

"As someone totally new to essential oils, the introductory course on essential oils was so helpful. I loved the neatly packaged samples that were sent beforehand and the step-by-step on how to use them! It has been super fun to take a look at different oils and experiment with different uses around the house. My mentor has always been available for consultation and sends me links to online events and best practices! "

Cooper Reaves

"The class was very interesting and got me thinking about health in a whole new way. When I use my diffuser it feels like I'm treating myself and indulging. Pretty amazing how aromatherapy can change how you feel."

Ashley Cavender

"I enjoyed diving deeper into my understanding of essential oils. I have used them for years and I enjoy learning new ways to use them."

Heather Bhimull

"For starters, receiving the mini samples was such a treat which got me excited to attend a class. After having attended an intro to essential oils class, I can honestly say that I am more informed and versed in their benefits. The level of professionalism and enthusiasm made for a meeting which was inclusive, interesting and most certainly helpful. Recommended for anyone who is curious about essential oils. "

Nicole Bienfang

"I'd always been interested in essential oils, but didn't feel I knew enough about them to start using them. I felt lost and didn't know where to even begin. I signed up for a class and learned so much! The class set up a solid foundation for me to start integrating oils into my daily life and routines. I was so happy that I could start weaning my body off of traditionally western medicine and start using more natural solutions to meet my health needs. "

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